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The Need For Organisations to Train Staff in Self Defence

Statistics show that 1 in 5 women will experience a sexual assault during their lifetime and around 78% of these offences are perpetrated by persons known to the victim. Recent news headlines highlight the fact that although you can DBS check your employees, you cannot check the suitability of your service users and clients. Lone workers are routinely exposed to situations that render them vulnerable because of the nature of their work, often in geographically remote locations, during darkness and in people’s homes. As part of a wider strategy that may include safeguarding training, location awareness, lone worker alarms and alerting systems, we believe self defence and awareness training are key elements in the protection and ongoing welfare of your staff.

Company Self Defence Training For Groups of Women

This is a practical and professional 3 to 4 or 6 to 8 hour (1-2 session), experiential self defence course spread across either one or two mornings or afternoons at your location and designed to fit your requirements. The training needs to take place indoors and all safety equipment is provided by us. Participants do not need to be physically fit or strong as these techniques are designed to work for everybody regardless of size. We recommend that everyone is dressed in either comfortable clothing or as they would be during the normal execution of their duties. This one or two-phase course will equip your staff with all of the essential knowledge of how to minimise the risk of attack and empower them with the basic defence skills needed to protect themselves and loved ones against the most common forms of attack.

Benefits of Company Funded Self Defence Training

The benefits of training your personnel are manifold:

Help fulfil your Duty of Care – as an employer you have a Duty of Care towards your employees and we believe self defence awareness is a key component in any employee well-being strategy.

Increased self-confidence – contributes to overall physical and mental wellbeing and the increased confidence translates to the workplace.

Empower staff – the course will leave your staff feeling empowered and more confident of their ability to protect themselves.

Team building – close physical contact used in training often breaks down many other employee communication barriers leading to greater co-operation and communication.

Open communication – staff learn to express themselves directly and be verbally assertive at the first sign of a problem, establishing personal boundaries confidently and professionally, leading to a more honest, collaborative workplace.

Employer differentiator in employee recruitment and retention

Typical Course Content

The women’s self defence course has been designed to empower your female staff to protect themselves. Self defence doesn’t start with learning life-preserving techniques in an emergency. Self defence starts with a focused mindset. It starts with an awareness of what makes someone vulnerable and sets them up to be targeted by an assailant and more importantly how to avoid becoming a victim.

The course covers several key areas of self defence:

Target avoidance – understanding and minimising the threat – strategies and tactics, verbal and physical boundary setting.
Delaying the assault – gaining valuable potentially life-saving seconds during any abduction attempt
Common attack releases – wrist releases, clothing releases, chokeholds, strangleholds
Body mechanics – understanding physical limitations and skeletal structural vulnerabilities
Target points – deploying your full arsenal of ‘weapons’ effectively against the weakest targets
Frontal and rear attacks – abduction and take-downs from the front and rear
Staying on your feet – the importance of avoiding being taken to the floor
Recovery from the ground – if all else fails how to recover from the floor (face down, face up including sexual intent)
Dealing with weapons – knives, bottles, glasses (available in 2 session seminars only)
Dealing with the 80 percent – techniques covering the most common attacks on the street
Useful survival tools and strategies – some guidance on the law and what you could carry to protect yourself

Differentiating Between Male & Female Self Defence Training

 There are a number of reasons for separating the male and female training, namely:

  • Attacks on women are more likely to be of a sexually oriented nature
  • Women are generally better at verbal de-escalation in non-sexual threat circumstances
  • Men tend to have a more aggressive automatic response and are more likely to be a closer physical match to the attacker
  • To discuss your requirements in greater detail please contact Barry on 07527-283429 or email barry@loneworkerselfdefence.co.uk
  • Mixed groups of male and female students from the same organisation can be accommodated for training however the syllabus changes accordingly.

Training Logistics

The course can be scheduled for any weekday morning or afternoon and can be delivered at your own premises in a suitably sized room or at a designated location of your choice (funded by you).

We require access to power to plug in a laptop and TV for the theory and collaborative aspects of the course and a clear space to carry out the practical applications. All other equipment, including padded mats, strike pads and protective gear, is provided by us. Safety gear and clothing are kept to a minimum to reflect the reality of the street. Techniques are demonstrated clearly and students will slowly copy them, increasing speed as they become more confident. At the end of the course these techniques are stress tested to help the embedding process. The course has been designed to use some common defence principles across the techniques so that the student doesn’t have hundreds of different responses to remember.

Our courses can be augmented with extended, specialist and private tuition as required.


Our standard self defence course (3-4 hour single morning or afternoon session) costs £360 for up to 12 people or £600 (2 x 3-4 hour sessions on mornings or afternoons).

Call us with your requirements for a bespoke quotation on 07527-283429 or email barry@loneworkerselfdefence.co.uk.

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