Empowering The Workforce Through Self Defence Training

Statistics show that 1 in 5 women will experience a sexual assault during their lifetime and around 78% of these offences are perpetrated by persons known to the victim. Recent news headlines highlight the fact that although you can DBS check your employees, you cannot check the suitability of your service users and clients. Lone workers are routinely exposed to situations that render them vulnerable because of the nature of their work, often in geographically remote locations, during darkness and in people’s homes. As part of a wider strategy that may include safeguarding training, location awareness, lone worker alarms and alerting systems, we believe self defence and awareness training are key elements in the protection and ongoing welfare of your staff.

Corporate Self Defence Training For Women

This is a practical and professional three to four-hour, experiential self defence course designed to empower your female staff and volunteers to protect themselves. The course is aimed at lone worker and potentially vulnerable females who as a matter of course are exposed to risks in the workplace, in isolated settings or remotely in service users’ and clients’ homes. Ideally an even number of attendees is optimal to maximise the embedding of the techniques. As few as two people and a maximum of 12 people can be trained in a single 3 hour session. Multiple sessions can be scheduled to account for staff shifts and rotas.

Corporate Self Defence Training For Men

For male workers we provide a separate 3 to 4 hour self defence training course. Male workers are less likely to be subjected to a sexual assault and are more likely to experience attacks motivated by violent intent, or robbery. They are increasingly likely to involve weapons too. This requires a different mind-set and corresponding set of applications to deal with.

Why We Separate Male & Female Self Defence Training

 There are a number of reasons for separating the male and female training, namely:

  • Attacks on women are more likely to be of a sexually oriented nature
  • Women are generally better at verbal de-escalation in non-sexual threat circumstances
  • Men tend to have a more aggressive automatic response and are more likely to be a closer physical match to the attacker

Other Training

Bespoke weapons training and other forms of defence training are also available upon request. Bespoke training can be configured to meet your training needs.

Your Instructor

Your self defence instructor Barry Holland has a wealth of experience having served in the military at home and overseas working in both covert and overt operations over a ten year period. Having attained a 2nd degree black belt in Shotokan karate, he then trained in Wing Chun and is a licensed instructor under the British Martial Arts and Boxing Association and has been Chief Instructor at Cotswolds Wing Chun for over 6 years and his latest initiative, the Clare Self Defence Club. He also has experience of Krav Maga and Ju-Jitsu. From this wealth of experience Barry has distilled the thousands of techniques down to a core set of the most effective and easy to learn applications that don’t rely on physical stature, strength or fitness. Barry has an Enhanced DBS check.

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Email: Barry@loneworkerselfdefence.co.uk

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